ASU Veterans Upward Bound students receive scholarships from local veteran organization

06/23/2024 5:57 AM - 06/23/2024 5:57 AM

Three Sun Devils, who are also alumni of the Arizona State University TRIO Veterans Upward Boundprogram, recently received scholarships from the Mesa Chapter of the Vietnam Veterans of America.

The scholarships are intended to help further the student veterans’ education and assist with college expenses such as tuition, textbooks and professional development.Tyler ObermeitTyler Obermeit, an Army veteran majoring in conservation biology and ecology at ASU, received a scholarship from the Mesa Chapter of the Vietnam Veterans of America. Photo courtesy of Tyler ObermeitDownload Full Image

“Vietnam Veterans of America is an incredible organization, helping vets from all backgrounds,” said Tyler Obermeit, an Army veteran majoring in conservation biology and ecology. “I am humbled to be a recipient of their scholarship.”

Dexter Marquez, another Army veteran majoring in journalism and mass communication, agreed.

“The scholarship that they provide is an inspiration to us veterans to keep in the fight and to better ourselves,” he said. “I, for one, do appreciate it with all my heart.”

The third scholarship went to Kara Jaramillo, an Air Force veteran majoring in social work.

ASU Veterans Upward Bound has been partnering with the Mesa chapter of the Vietnam Veterans of America for almost a decade, during which time they have helped to support veterans at the university.

“The [Vietnam Veterans of America] East Valley veterans feel a great sense of pride helping their fellow veterans with their educational pursuits,” said Constance Benedict, instructional supervisor at ASU Veterans Upward Bound.

The Vietnam Veterans of America East Valley veterans organized fundraisers to raise the money for the scholarships.

The recipients of the scholarships were chosen by ASU Veterans Upward Bound staff for their “work/study habits, merit and dedication,” Benedict said.

“VUB is an amazing organization, and I would not be a successful student if it weren’t for them,” Obermeit said. “Adjusting back to civilian life, especially being a student, can be very difficult, and if it weren’t for them I wouldn’t be where I am today. I am happy to be working for VUB, helping out my fellow veterans after they have given me so much.”